Located a few blocks east of Fisherman’s Wharf, Pier 39 is a multilevel tourist paradise. A sort of outdoor mall, Pier 39 houses souvenir shops, a Venetian carousel, and restaurants doling out delicious chowder by the heaping ladleful.

Pier 39 was constructed on an abandoned cargo pier, and while today it offers all the amenities of a modern shopping center, it still manages to capture some of that old-timey seaside charm. Stroll along boardwalk-style wooden paths as you wander in and out of boutique shops and sample everything from San Francisco street food to fine California wines.

The pier is home to more than 110 stores, 13 restaurants, and an arcade and aquarium that are sure to keep the whole family happy and entertained. It also draws a variety of talented street performers that are sure to attract a crowd.
If you get tired of shopping, the pier also offers beautiful views of the city and the bay, and the adorable sea lions lounging on the nearby rocks will keep you company with their enthusiastic barks as you take in all the city has to offer.

How to Get There

Getting to Pier 39 from The Payne Mansion Hotel is as easy as calling a car through our convenient on-deman iCar service, or hopping on public transportation just a few steps from our doorstep.

If traveling by car, you’re just a 10 minute trip away from your destination. Head west on Sutter Street to Franklin Street. Follow Franklin St until you reach Bay St, where you’ll take a right. Follow Bay St, and just before you reach the water, make a left turn on Kearny St, and then another onto The Embarcadero. You’ll arrive at Pier 39 just a moment later.

If you’d prefer to take public transit, hop on the #47 bus towards Fisherman’s Wharf at the Van Ness Ave & Sutter St stop just a block from the hotel. Stay on the bus for about 17 minutes until you reach the Powell St & Beach St stop. After disembarking, just head toward the water and you’ll arrive at Pier 39 two blocks later.